Natalie Portman Had No Idea That Full-Time Mothers ‘Work’

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Natalie Portman very visibly welcomed her son Aleph in 2011 (fans will remember her very pregnant Oscar win). But even though Natalie was 30 years old when she became a mother, with a high-powered career and loads of travel under her belt, she admits she had no idea that being a mother was “work.” Oh, honey.

Natalie reportedly tells the November issue of UK Elle that she had some rather problematic assumptions about motherhood:

“I love being a mum, but it’s much more intensive work than being an actress – going to work feels like you’ve got a day off. Not that I want a day off from being a mum, it’s just perhaps I had this impression before that mums don’t work. But they work more than anyone.”

Round of applause for the epiphany but I have little tolerance for individuals who, first off, harbor such little estimations of parenting, and then triple back once they’ve welcomed a kid. It’s like a double dipping of selfishness with no regard for experiences that happen to stray from their own. Newsflash but everyone from SAHMs, SAHDs to full-time working parents are working their asses off (especially those who are not privileged). And bottom line? Thirty years old is way too old to be this stupid.