STFU Parents: Should Parents Get Preferential Treatment At Drive-Thrus?

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1. Scum Of The Earth


Ugh, what could be worse than an elevator-riding, drive-thru abusing, “family” restroom stall using childless asshole?! You know what else people like that probably do? Go to the movies and expect to sit in silence. Eat at restaurants and expect to chew in peace. Hang out in bars and expect to not trip over a running child. I swear to god, childless people are the fucking WORST.

2. Jennie’s “Status”


Right on, Long! And you might want to quit while you’re, um, not ahead, Jennie! You know what’s lazy? Going through a drive-thru at all! You don’t show up to a La-Z-Boy showroom and scold people for reveling in comfort, now, do you? Calling people lazy because they don’t park and walk inside to order a #1 on a value menu is like calling bankers greedy. It’s kind of inherent to the task at hand, don’tcha think?

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