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#SoGladTheyToldMe Reminds Us It’s Okay To Admit That Being A Mom Is Hard

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Last week a blogger wrote a post called “They Should’ve Warned Me,” about how fantastic new motherhood was for her and how not enough people told her how great it was going to be. A lot of mothers replied — including me — because, come on. The kind of pie-in-the-sky-everything-is-wonderful-when-you-have-a-baby narrative isn’t helping anyone.

Blogger and mother of two, Stephanie Sprenger wrote her own response, “I’m Glad They Warned Me,” that pointed out many women struggle profoundly with the transition into motherhood. Her thoughtful piece inspired the hashtag #SoGladTheyToldMe. It serves as a reminder that new motherhood isn’t always easy – and that’s okay. The tweets link to dozens of stories and 140 character anecdotes about the struggle some of us face when we become mothers. I kind of want to embroider the hashtag on a pillow and give it to all new moms as a reminder that they aren’t alone.

It’s okay to talk about how wonderful new motherhood is. But in this day and age, when most of our interactions with others involve viewing the Facebook highlight reel of their lives, it’s really nice to have some honest tales of struggle. It makes women feel less alone – and that is so important.