No One Can Tell The Difference Between A $600 Haircut And A $28 Haircut

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shutterstock_116939719__1367768562_142.196.167.223Okay all of you strapped, stressed, broke moms like me out there – no one can tell the difference between a $600 haircut and a $28 haircut. Don’t worry about never being able to afford one of those super-fancy salons.

Anne Hathaway‘s famous $600 Oscars pixie cut inspired 20/20 to look into whether anyone could really tell the difference between a reasonably priced cut and a really expensive one. They posted images on their site so readers could weigh in on who they thought was wearing which cuts. The results are pretty surprising. I was surprised anyway. I always thought I would be able to tell the difference. I couldn’t. Neither could the majority of the commenters.

The prices of the cuts go from $28 to $75 to $200 to $600. I pay about $75 for my usual haircuts, which actually ends up being way more expensive when you add the color treatment I have to get with increasing regularity. I am 40 and I’m not ready to be grey. Sorry. So my hair treatments every 4 months or so cost me about $150. That is a lot of money.

I used to have a lot more disposable income and was used to buying salon services in this price range (The $150 one, not the $600 one). Hair services are always something I have paid a pretty penny for. It’s one of the things I have still yet to downsize, which I realize is ridiculous since I am on such a tight budget. This survey kind of proves that maybe it’s time I branch out a little and trust some cheaper cuts.

I’m not knocking stylists that manage to reel in that much money for a cut. I know people work really hard to get to a position where they can charge that much for their services. I think it’s just time I start living within my means. Maybe no one will notice.

(photo: Tatyana Vychegzhanina/ Shutterstock)