Plan B Laws Change And OMG There Goes The Moral Fabric Of Society

teens-holding-handsSo, Plan B laws have changed and fifteen year-old kids can now obtain the emergency contraceptive pill over the counter, which I think is wonderful because sometimes condoms break or sweet little girls get raped and impregnated and are too scared to tell anyone. Or, sometimes young women — gasp — like to be in control of their sexuality and their bodies.

But of course, this isn’t at all how Fox News sees it. Think Progress posted part of the transcript from the May 3 conversation with Republican strategist Brad Blakeman, in which he ranted some nonsense about teens having sex with each other as being “illegal” and how the availability of Plan B means kids are going to have more sex.

From Think Progress:

BLAKEMAN: This strips away the moral fabric of our country. It’s the government basically being complicit in a criminal act. And also complicit in coming into the houses of America and telling the parents, you’re ”” we are bringing to bring up your children. We’ll be able to provide better for your decisions than the decisions you may make at home.

Here’s my take. This isn’t “the government raising your children for you.” It’s offering an option to kids who are going to have sex whether the government condones it or not.

Meanwhile, children who don’t want to have sex aren’t going to have sex. They aren’t going to buy Plan B, even if it’s available to them. I don’t know if Plan B was around when I was a kid/tween/teen. I didn’t really know where to get condoms or how to get birth control pills.

But here’s the thing, even if I did, I wouldn’t have bought these things, because guess what? I didn’t want to have sex. Because my parents said it was something to save for marriage, and at the time I believed this and put it off until I was ready. And even if someone had come to my door, or my school, when I was fifteen and given me a boat full of condoms and Plan B, I STILL wouldn’t have had sex. Because I wasn’t ready. And when I finally was ready, my boyfriend and I — both virgins at the time and both Christians — bought and used condoms. Because, despite our parents’ disapproval of premarital sex, our parents also raised us to be smart and safe.

So if you’re worried a change in the Plan B law will cause your little virginal snowflake to go wild and have sex with everything she sees, you’re saying the government has more of an impact on your child than YOU. If this is true, guess what? You’re a shitty parent.

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