Shots Of Pre-Modeling Industry Ravaged 14-Year-Old Kate Moss Expected To Fetch A Pretty Penny

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Those who would like to lay ownership to a pivotal moment in Kate Moss‘s life had best pack their bags for England. Three silver prints of the 14-year-old’s shoot with photographer David Ross are expected to go for at least £1,200 so don’t all go digging into your pocket books at once. However, given that the snaps distill a distinct moment in Kate’s life before she was inducted into 24/7 sexualization, perhaps a high price is in order. Peer in closely and you actually see a kid — a component that her latter work was definitely lacking in.

Daily Mail reports that the photos were taken in 1988, a couple months after Kate was famously spotted in an airport with her family. What was in store for the underage girl was lots of topless time with buff dudes, running along beaches naked, and generally being asked to project an adult sexuality that she had yet to possess — a demand that, according to her own words, caused her a nervous breakdown.

Ross describes the kid as a “blank canvas,” you know, like a lot of kids who haven’t had their souls consumed by the entertainment industry yet:

“She was a cool character. She seemed like a tough or resilient typical teenager, comfortably fronting me up, perhaps covering up her nerves. I suppose what was refreshing was that she was honest. She wasn’t trying to prove anything or act above her station. She didn’t try to adopt a model attitude of self-absorption and superiority, which at the time was becoming public via media sensation. She was untarnished. A blank canvas, as other writers have put it.”

Yet, a few years short years later, doctors were cutting her Valium prescriptions for those silly nerves that were compromising her ability to straddle shirtless men. How time does fly.

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