Everyone Is in Love With This Little Girl Who Won’t Let Her Dad Play the Maracas

Having a rough day week election cycle? You’re not alone. But for those of us in need of a palate cleanser, the Internet is here to provide us with a nigh unlimited supply of cute videos, and few are as cute as this little girl who makes it clear in no uncertain terms that her father is not allowed to play with her red maracas.

A user going by D. Purdy on the Love What Really Matters Facebook page shared a photo of a very small blonde girl in pajamas who comes running in shouting, “No no! No no! No no!” when her father starts shaking one of the maracas. She grabs them away and gives him a very stern look, then shakes them at him again, saying, “No no!”

Then she moves them away and toddles out of the room as fast as her tiny little legs can carry her, which is actually pretty fast.

As soon as she’s out of the room, her giggling father picks up the maracas again. But the second one of them rattles, the tiny tornado tears back into the room.

“No! No no!” she commands. “No, no, no!”

I’m not sure if she has more words than “no,” but she doesn’t seem to need them. Her meaning is clear: Do not touch my maracas, bro.

It’s kind of too cute not to, though, so he does it again and the same thing happens. They go through this several times before she finally shakes a rattle at him, says, “No!” and takes the maracas out of the room so he can’t get to him.

Toddlers are the cutest people, but I think my favorite thing about this video is that the little girl’s older brother is sitting on the other chair through this whole adorable ordeal, just watching TV and completely ignoring everyone around him.


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