So Yes, David Petraeus’s Wife Is Pissed

David PetraeusIf David Petraeus was hoping that his double resignation and affair announcement was just going to blow over with the weekend’s Courtney Stodden news, the news cycle has proved him wrong. Not surprisingly, it’s been a very uncomfortable weekend over in the Petraeus household, and Holly Petraeus, a mother of two, is livid. How livid, you ask? Let’s let retired U.S. Army Col. Steve Boylan put her sentiments into words for us.

Mrs. Petraeus has yet to address the press on this personal family matter, which even has the FBI interested for security reasons. But Boylan, a former spokesman for Petraeus, offered up this comment to ABC News:

“Well, as you can imagine, she’s not exactly pleased right now. In a conversation with David Petraeus this weekend, he said that, ‘Furious would be an understatement.’ And I think anyone that’s been put in that situation would probably agree. He deeply hurt the family.”

The mother and father are reportedly “OK” in their home in Arlington, Virginia but let it be known that this national story — and also family bomb — has arrived just in time for Thanksgiving. Massive helpings of awkward sauce with that stuffing for all.

(photo: Carrie Devorah /

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