Shot Fired At Children’s Football Game Because Guns Make Us Safer

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Sports argumentWe all know the world would be a safer place if everyone had a gun, right? (Please note that my computer voice is dripping with sarcasm, here). Well, that was proven true at a youth football game on Monday night where guns were drawn and brass knuckles employed.

One of the boys who plays for the Greater Wichita Junior Football League, which has teams for players in the second through eighth grades in Wichita, Kansas, was not allowed to play in the season opener because of what are only being referred to as “character issues.” The boy’s mother, showing just how close that particular tree is to that particular apple, began yelling at the coach about her son’s lack of playing time.

So she used her words, like a grown-up…sort of. She must not have done a great job with all the yelling because someone called the police, who settled everybody’s shit down, thanked the eighth-graders for their maturity, and left. Twenty minutes after the cops left a group of five to eight men, who are still unidentified, showed up at the field and attacked the coach. One of them showed everyone the gun he had in his waistband while another used brass knuckles on the coach’s head. This is in front of children, remember.

At this point, the coach’s wife pulled out her gun and fired it in the air to scatter her husband’s attackers. As they left, the coach then went and got his gun from his car and aimed at the men. By the time the police arrived…again…the attackers were gone.

For those of you who have not been keeping track, we are at three guns now.

One of the assistant coaches defended the wife’s use of the gun by telling local KAKE-TV:

“He has a concussion and they were whooping him. Seven or eight of them. So of course, if you’re in fear of your life, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Protect your family.”

Both the coach’s gun and his wife’s (both concealed-carry permits) were seized, and the coach was fired. Because, as the youth football’s program director said, “You can’t take weapons out around children.” And yet, three people did that night.

This is exactly what happens when everybody gets to have a gun, folks. You get mad, you get your gun. Kids around? Still bring a gun. Somebody gets shot? It was my right to protect myself with a gun.

This. Is. Insane.

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