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Jessica Valenti Tweets About Tampons And Internet Rips Her To Shreds

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In today’s “are you fucking kidding me?” news, author Jessica Valenti has been ripped a new one on Twitter for posing a simple question about tampons and whether or not they are subsidized anywhere in the world. The hate being lobbed her way is really quite unbelievable considering how innocuous her question was:


I found out about this story initially from Jezebel.com but upon further research on Valenti’s own Twitter page, I discovered that she was asking this question because she was planning to write an article about the “availability and cost of feminine hygiene products across the globe”. She was not asking because she was hoping she would get her tampons subsidized here in the US, as some of these lovely folks on Twitter seemed to assume. What followed is just unreal to me- that so many supposed human beings could spew such unadulterated hatred over something so simple. The woman tweets about tampons and from these reactions, you would think she had just suggested we burn toddlers at the stake. Brace yourselves for these responses:

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