‘Sesame Street’ Has A New Letter Of The Day, As Grover Allegedly Says The ‘F Word’

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Image: adapted from Sesame Street PBS

For some parents, having to watch Sesame Street makes them want to swear. While the show is delightful for the under six crowd, it’s a bit much for everyone else. That could very likely include the characters on the show too. Maybe that’s why people on the internet think they’re hearing popular monster Grover saying the “f word.” After posting the clip on Reddit, a user by the name of Shordert is igniting the newest “this or that” internet sensation. This one is a trick of the years just like the great “Yanny or Laurel” debate of 2018. Except it’s better, because it’s Sesame Street.

In the clip, Grover is talking to his friend Rosita outside. She makes a suggestion, and Grover’s reply is what has everyone scratching their heads. Even the original poster knows that he’s about to start a war, captioning the clip, “May have just found the next Yanni or Laurel.” Depending on how your ears are feeling, Grover may respond to Rosita by saying “Yes, yes that sounds like an excellent idea,” or the sweary, “Yes, yes, that’s a f**king excellent idea!” Either way, he is very enthusiastically agreeing to Rosita’s camera suggestion. But just how enthusiastically is the question.

Naturally, sharing the post became the utmost importance. Everyone needs to know what the rest of the internet thinks about everything else, why should this be any different. As it often happens, people can’t agree on what they hear. And this is extra funny because it’s a Sesame Street character — Grover is a longtime resident of the street. Little kids swearing is hilarious and adorable, so a fuzzy little blue monster? Equally hilarious and adorable.

As always, the internet sits in one of two camps, either Grover is saying the f word or he’s not. There are some people claiming to hear both depending on what they’re thinking. After watching the clip a few times, it sounds like the clean edit to me. No matter how much I want to hear Grover swearing, I just can’t.

Elmo shrugging

Image: Sesame Workshop

Understandably, some people are freaking out that kids may be hearing swearing. It’s totally understandable, and if intentional, very weird. Representatives for Sesame Workshop, parent company of Sesame Street, have yet to comment, so we may never know the truth. Either way, it’s fun to speculate. Seriiously, kids aren’t going to be running around saying the f word after hearing it one time on Sesame Street. Chances are they didn’t even hear it.