No, It’s Not Okay To Body Shame A Thin Pregnant Woman With Abs

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Look, I know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting there thinking there’s no way in the fiery pits of hell that the woman to the left is pregnant. Not only does she not look with child in any way, but she most certainly does not look like she is in her third trimester. Which she is, at 8 months pregnant. I know. I KNOW. Crazy talk, right? I can honestly say I’ve never seen a pregnant woman maintain a six pack, but I guess there’s a first time for everything!

Model Sarah Stage has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, as feverishly as any super skinny, non-bloated, majorly self-interested pregnant woman does. (You cannot tell me that the self-interest in pregnant women on social media is NOT at an all-time high right now, sorry.) She’s in great shape, she’s really pretty, and she’s pretty much nailed the Kim Kardashian seductive selfie:

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We’re not doctors. She could be (and probably is) perfectly healthy. The fetus is probably perfectly healthy. I know, it’s weird. But it looks like she had a pretty unrealistic-looking body before getting pregnant, so…yeah. Couple being a model with some good pregnancy genes and there you go. Am I jealous? Heck yeah. Mostly because I’m still in my first trimester and I look like a beluga whale compared to her. But I was squishy before I got pregnant and I happen to not like exercising until it’s warm outside, so…yeah. But hey, at least she’s not as annoying as Maria Kang!

(Photos: Instagram)