See Joan Crawford Naked, Courtesy Of Daughter

Christina Crawford, daughter of Hollywood legend Joan Crawford, plans to reveal never-before-seen home videos of her mom in the nude.

In 1978, the younger Crawford penned the bestselling memoir-turned-motion picture Mommie Dearest, which chronicles her abusive upbringing. And now she’s developing a one-woman Broadway show, called Surviving Mommie Dearest, that will reveal new secrets about her life with Joan, as well as naked videos of the late movie star.

An article in Huffington Post says that Christina is shocked that her overly-controlling mom never destroyed these naked home videos. She discovered them just last year and says she only viewed them recently before deciding to share them with the world.

This is a cheesy move, in my opinion. But, then, I was never beaten by wire hangers, as Christina claims to have been. She tells Huffington Post: ”Forgiveness is a two-way street and she never took responsibility for her behavior.” Looks like payback time is still happening…


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