Take That Mean Girls, This Bully Victim Models And Is Studying To Be A Doctor

Consider retelling this story to your little girl who got bullied on the schoolyard this week. Chloe Wood, a 20-year-old student at Staffordshire University, was mercilessly bullied and physically assaulted as a teenager. Aside from the run of the mill insults that many kids get about their appearance, Chloe was physically assaulted so badly that her eyes were swollen shut. But that’s all water under the bridge to this young woman who is studying to be doctor. Oh, and she models too.

Chloe’s mother recounts collecting her teenage daughter from school to see what the other kids had done:

“When I arrived at the school to pick her up after the attack I couldn’t believe what I saw, her eyes were so swollen she couldn’t open them. She was taken to Cannock hospital and they then rushed her in an ambulance to Stafford Hospital. It was such a scary time.”

The teen missed two months of school because of the bullying and struggled with testing as a result.

But at 18, the English girl was spotted by an organizer for a local beauty pageants, and from there she’s done some professional modeling work. And it looks like she’s no airhead either. The part-time model is studying human biology and psychology in the hopes of becoming a psych doctor. She puts her modeling money towards her university tuition and is also particular about the types of modeling jobs she takes, for fear that certain photographs may compromise her career.

Part of the whole ugly duckling becoming a swan narrative that I’ve always disliked is the message that becoming conventionally gorgeous is somehow triumph enough over bullies. While being pretty does make life easier, especially for women, I like that this “ugly duckling” is smart to boot.

(photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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