This Commitment Halloween Costume Is Savage AF

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Halloween costumes are getting super creative, and we are here for it. We especially love the ones that just lay people out with their savagery. One girl’s commitment Halloween costume has got to be the most savage we’ve seen. Not only is it clever, but when she posted the photo, she tagged allllllll her exes. Dang, girl.

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Haleigh Conner is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota. She posted a photo of her commitment Halloween costume, and we just have to applaud.

Baby girl tagged her exes in the Instagram photo. Just, ouch. Someone call the burn treatment center, we have some STAT patients coming through.

Haleigh tells babe that she was going for creative and original this year. She says the idea came about after joking with her friends about how many guys she’s dated. She had to go back to middle school to get the numbers, but the savagery still stands.

Haleigh didn’t warn any of her exes about the costume, but she said they’re rolling with it with a good attitude. She said they’re happy about the sudden influx of followers her commitment Halloween costume has brought their way. The youths have interesting priorities.

Obviously, because this is the internet in 2017, the joke went right over a lot of people’s heads. And Haleigh’s mentions are a goddamn hot mess.

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