Sarah Palin To Be Grandmother Again, Son Forgets To Practice Abstinence

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is set to be a grandmother for the second time. Her eldest child, 22-year-old Army reservist Track Palin, is expecting a baby with wife Britta Palin, 21. The high-school sweethearts got married in May 2011 but, if you look at a recent photo of Britta posted on Track’s Facebook page, you’ll see she looks pretty far along in her pregnancy (certainly more than two months pregnant). Which can only mean one thing: the baby was conceived out-of-wedlock.

Normally we’d say big whoop. But, in this particular instance, we just have to laugh. You see, Sarah Palin is an outspoken advocate of abstinence and about making good choices about sex before marriage. Oops, looks like Track forgot to practice what mama preaches!

Meanwhile, little sister Bristol Palin had her own little ‘oops’ back in 2008 when she got pregnant with her son, now aged three, out of wedlock (she never did marry her baby daddy Levi Johnson). Bristol’s now set to appear on a reality TV show to encourage couples not to have premarital sex.

Oh, the irony!