7 Signs Your Baby Is Ready For A Big Kid Bed

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Making the transition from crib to toddler bed is one that can be fraughts with indecision and worry when parents decide to go ahead and shell out money for a race car or a princess carriage or single cot purchased during a profanity-ridden jaunt to the IKEA. How do you know when your baby is old enough? How do you know when your baby is ready? Most sexperts (and yeah, I know, I should refer to them as EXPERTS but calling them sexperts makes it sound much sexier) suggest waiting until your toddler is closer to age three, but because I am also a sexpert I have compiled this handy list to let parents know when it may be time to move their baby out of the crib.

Your Keep Finding Your Baby Asleep Under The Crib 

2010-09-07_15-09-26_740(Image: Infertilityoverachievers)

If you keep finding your baby asleep under the crib, now may be the best time to invest in a big kid bed.

 You Wake Up To Find Your Baby Next To Your Bed 

It’s always unnerving when you are fast asleep and you can feel someone watching you and you wake up to find a little person standing there with the thousand yard stare waiting to see if you wake up.

 Your Find Your Baby Sleeping Somewhere You Did Not Leave Them 



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Your Kid’s Stuffed Animal Collection Is Bigger Than Their Crib


(Image: Magical Baby)

If it has gotten to the point where your toddler has so many friends in the crib with them that you can no longer find them, it may be time to move everyone into a bed where they have more sleeping real estate.

 Everyone Else In the Family is Using The Crib, Except For Your Baby 


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If the cats use the crib more than the baby, it may be time to move.

Your Baby Is Getting Stuck In the Crib


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If your baby is getting strong enough to get their limbs trapped in the crib, it may be time to move them to a big kid bed.

 You Are Pregnant Again 

When you find yourself in the family way again, now is the time to boot that baby from the crib and get them into their own big kid bed, so you can make way for your brand new baby.

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