‘Human Barbie’ Mom Backpedals On The Whole Plastic Surgery Vouchers For Her 7-Year-Old Thing

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Sarah BurgeI don’t think we should give Anderson Cooper too much credit for this one — even if the host booted “Human Barbie” Sarah Burge from his stage. But following the mother’s stint in America, Sarah returned to the UK to inform her compatriots that those vouchers for plastic surgery that she offered to her then 7-year-old daughter Poppy were not actually for plastic surgery after all.

In a round about on-air explanation during the show Daybreak, Sarah explains that the vouchers can be cashed for college — because Poppy wants to be a plastic surgeon when she grows up…?

“I’m in the medical industry and I’m a practitioner of aesthetic medicine. Now, these vouchers, which I get, are in lieu of payment…[they] can be cashed in at cost price and they’re banked for Poppy. It’s nothing to do with having plastic surgery. It’s to actually take her through university to become a plastic surgeon which is actually what she wants to do to.”

Admirable spin, I suppose, but more curious is why the plastic surgery advocate and mother has backpedaled from her original  silicone promises for 7-year-olds. Perhaps her change of heart can be traced back to her reportedly newly inked reality TV series deal. Although why producers would want her to go easy on the tots and botox theme is just as head-scratching.