Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Cashes In Early on Her 15 Minutes of Fame

Yessssssss, Royal Family drama! It was only a matter of time before future royal Meghan Markle had to deal with this shit. Samantha Grant, Meghan’s half-sister, has decided to cash-in on the 15 minutes of fame her sister marrying a prince will bring. Only she’s doing it in the worst way. Not a good look, Samantha.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been engaged for liiiiiiike, a month. And there’s already family drama. Royals: they’re just like us!

It all started when Prince Harry made an innocent little remark about Meghan’s first holiday with her future in-laws. When asked how Meghan’s adapted to the ins and outs of celebrating with royalty, Harry said, “She’s done an absolutely amazing job. She’s getting in there and it’s the family that I suppose she’s never had.” It seems pretty clear that the family he’s referring to is a husband and children and large extended family of in-laws. Obviously she has a family, she didn’t hatch from an egg dropped from the sky.

But half-sister Samantha didn’t take too kindly to Harry’s comment. She took to Twitter (never a good idea, tbh) to “set the record straight”.

“Read my book complete with facts and photos.” Oh. Oh, honey. Don’t … don’t do that.

Meghan’s mom and dad divorced when she was 6, and she lived primarily with her mother. She also has a half-brother, but is estranged from Samantha. And for good reason: in the proposal for the book she so tactfully plugged in her tweet, Samantha says of Meghan, “”Hollywood has changed her. I think her ambition is to become a princess”¦ The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry.”

With family like this, who needs enemies? People were quick to defend Meghan, and put Samantha in her place. Don’t come for our American duchess, we will end you.

Samantha has also reportedly said she “isn’t sure” if she’ll be invited to the wedding. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say her invitation will get lost in the mail. Maybe it’ll end up in the same place as the president*?

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