Mommyish Gift Guide: Nostalgic Picks For Everyone On Your List

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retro toys giftsThe other week I went to buy loot bags for my son’s birthday party and was looking for something in the $5 range that didn’t involve a series of crappy dollar-store items (hate that!). Anyway, the woman at my local toy store told me that old-school “Jacks” are making a comeback (you know, that playground game with small metal ‘jacks’ and rubber ball that you used to play as a child). I was totally into it – brought back such memories – and figured that if the kids don’t like it, at least their parents will!

I’ve since noticed a whole whack of “retro” gifts both online and on store shelves – everything from Rubik’s Cubes to Slinkys. The nostalgia factor is huge, but it’s also pretty cool to know that our own children might enjoy some of the awesome toys that we grew up with. Of course, many of the “classics” have received a modern upgrade, including the popular Lite-Brite, which is now an app (!). Click through to check it out and view our other top picks of the best retro toys and gadgets out there today.