The Family Of Ashton’s Kutcher’s ‘Other Woman’ Is No Longer Speaking To Her

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sara lealAshton Kutcher and Demi Moore may be divorcing, but the alleged “other woman” — Sara Leal — is also still dealing with the aftermath. The 22-year-old’s family refuses to speak to her. 

She and Ashton reportedly spent an evening together in a San Diego hotel which also happened to be his six-year wedding anniversary. The rendez-vous included unprotected sex, which the young woman promptly shared with tabloids. Meanwhile, Ashton was back at home trying to patch things up with Demi — and it wasn’t going well.

Demi filed for divorce last month and reports flooded in that she wasn’t young enough or pretty enough to hold her younger husband’s interest.

But Sara says that her family has reacted very negatively to her being publicly named Ashton’s other lady and have cut all contact. Even family of friends are making their distaste for her behavior known. Daily Mail reports her as saying:

“My dad wouldn’t even talk to me, and I got a lot of disturbing phone calls, even from my friends’ parents.”

She was also fired from her job following the publicity circus and her roommate and longtime best friend promptly moved out.

While I can certainly understand being disappointed in your daughter’s choices, namely that she would engage in unprotected sex and sell her bedroom escapades to a trashy tabloid magazine for a financial sum, cutting all ties in the wake of a media storm seems a bit extreme. After all, does being someone’s mistress eclipse being somebody’s daughter?

It would appear that for Sara’s parents, perpetuating marital infidelity and taking center stage amidst Hollywood divorce are legitimate reasons to walk away from your misguided child.