Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend Thwarts Kim Kardashian’s Masterful Pregnancy PR Scheme

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reggie bushSomewhere, Kris Jenner is stroking her daughter’s hair and whispering that everything will be okay. They’ll find another way to gain attention and tabloid headlines. There can always be another sex tape or nude photo shoot or paternity test drama. Everything will be okay for poor little Kim Kardashian, whose ex-boyfriend announced that he was expecting a child right in the middle of Kim’s huge PR push with the-formerly-respected-musician-known-as-Kanye. (I’m not saying Kim delegitimized Kanye. He did that himself with the fashion lines, the music video involving sexualized dead women, and all the homophobia.)

That’s right, Reggie Bush and his girlfriend of a year, Lilit Avagyan, are expecting their first child. The Miami Dolphins running back announced the news on a local radio show today. He sounded genuinely thrilled, of course. He told the show, ““We’re pretty excited,” adding that having a child is “the most special gift to a man and to a woman.”

In all seriousness, congrats to Bush and Avagyan. And to be fair to Kim, I know that seeing a former flame start a family can be difficult. It’s not so much that you’re jealous of what they have. It’s just the fact that watching a past partner move on means acknowledging that you two will never have the relationship you used to. It’s change, and lots of people have a hard time with change.

Now that I’ve been nice and fair, let’s all admit that the timing of this pregnancy is hilarious. Kim and Kanye have been shilling their relationship for all it’s worth in the past couple months. There have been multiple pregnancy rumors, which the reality star has stoked by talking about her future children on Twitter and being photographed in wedding dresses even though she’s not engaged.

Here comes Reggie’s new girlfriend with an actual child to talk to the press about. Everyone might forget that Kim is promoting the fact that she might get pregnant at some point in the future. Now all we can do is wait and see what desperate measure Kimye takes to regain the attention of the pop culture public.

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