Cool Video: 9 Months Of Pregnancy In 90 Seconds

9 months of pregnancyWhen you have a baby growing inside your belly, nine months of pregnancy can seem like a lifetime. Then poof! baby is born and, well, it’s hard to believe that tiny human was ever on the inside. Oh, the miracle of life. That’s precisely what’s captured in the latest YouTube video to go viral. Called “Introducing,” it stars an urban hipster-looking couple and, ultimately, their sweet baby girl.

The 95 second, time-lapse video begins with a shot of woman’s flat stomach as her partner comes in to kiss it, followed by a high-five (so, yes, clearly she’s pregnant). It goes on to show the family pets, a house move and a growing belly, culminating in a baby girl named Amelie Amaya. (Not to worry there’s not a birthing scene in sight.)

It’s quite adorable and an absolutely brilliant idea that makes me wonder why I didn’t do something similar (because, really, I don’t think I own even a pregnant photo of myself). I’m sure the video will inspire other couples, and it’s cool to think that one day little Amelie can watch the video herself (how trippy will that be?).

You can check out the video below!

[youtube_iframe id=”nKnfjdEPLJ0″]


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