Reese Witherspoon’s New Baby Looks Like A Baby

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reese witherspoon babyCelebrity “debuts” come in all shapes and sizes. Certainly a tabloid cover calls for the word but when a new mother goes to the airport, for instance, I have a tendency to use “debut” with hesitation. Is it still a “celebrity baby debut” if you forgot something in your car and are photographed walking over to it with your kid in an Ergo? Some debut. Well, Reese Witherspoon now joins the ranks of mothers whose walk with her newborn son Tennessee Toth got turned into a splashy “baby debut.”

People magazine reports that the mother of three afforded the paparazzi some snaps while on a walk in California. Given that baby Tennessee is only about six weeks, we’re looking at your standard cute and tiny newborn here. Seriously, Jessica Biel could be holding him and I could feasibly believe that he would be his too. He has 10 little toes and 10 little fingers and a matching little comfy outfit for all his newborn sleeping needs.

A tame “debut” it was, indeed.

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