Predatory ‘Rape The Gay Away’ Pastor Will Serve No Time

Brent Girouex-An Iowa pastor who believed he was “curing” boys of their homosexual urges by having sex with them has had his sentence reduced so drastically that he will serve no time for the rape of four underage boys. His sentence was reduced from 17 years in prison to counseling and probation. WTF?

Since his confession, eight more underage boys have come forward saying they were also abused by Brent Girouex – who in addition to being a pastor served as a youth counselor.  Somewhere in his twisted, psychotic, sex-offender, homophobe brain – he believed that he could “rape the gay away.” From Salon:

Girouex, who is not longer a pastor at the Victory Fellowship Church, believed that he could rape away the gay by ”praying while he had sexual contact” with the boys, all in an effort to keep them ”sexually pure” for God.

According to reports, he told police that ”when they would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind.”

Wow. Clearly this guy is a sexual predator. How can anyone justify reducing a sentence from 17 years to no time and counseling? This man was in a position of power in his church. He was a youth counselor. Those kids trusted him. This is just sick. His reduced sentence is disturbingly reminiscent of the Montana teacher sentenced to 30 days in jail for the rape of a 14-year-old girl who went on to commit suicide. What is going on here? Why aren’t we protecting our children?

The most vocal opponent of Girouex’s reduced sentence is his wife. Right now he is allowed by the court to have twice monthly supervised visitation with his kids. The couple has four small children together, two of them foster kids. I can’t imagine that this woman would ever feel safe having her kids around this man.

This is a great message we’re sending predators – do whatever you want. We’ll just send you to counseling. Or maybe we can try to “pray the predator away.”

(photo: Facebook)

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