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16 Signs You’re Raising A Strong-Willed Child

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Strong-Willed Children Have Selective Hearing

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Reading this title… it seems this one applies to most kids. If a child doesn’t want to listen, he won’t. Telling a strong-willed child to clean up his rooms or use his listening ears is usually something he’ll ignore. But let his good behavior GET him something in return, and you may discover an obedient child has emerged. Kids love to tune you out, and you have to set the ground rules for listening and following directions. If you didn’t, better late than never. If your child ignores you when you ask him to do something, let him know there will be consequences i.e. taking away privileges or not getting rewards. Make sure to follow up on the consequences as needed. This is the best way to teach your child that what you say has value and that you MEAN what you say.

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