Ways Prince Harry Will Be A Different Dad Than Prince William

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Prince Harry and Prince William

Image: John Rainford/WENN

Prince Harry is a dad for the first time! He and Meghan Markle welcomed a son on May 6, and the family is doing well! Having a child is such a life-changing experience, for moms and dads. And you really don’t know how someone is going to be as a parent until they are a parent. But we can make some pretty good guesses, right? Just based on their personality and things they’ve said and done. And we can look at how people close to them handle parenthood, too. Take Harry and Prince William, for example! Wills has been at this dad thing for a while now, and surely his little brother will be following in his footsteps a bit.

But, as we all know, Prince Harry and Prince William are very different people. A lot of that had to do with the older brother/younger brother dynamic. Plus, William’s duties as the eventual King of England are a bit more intense than Harry’s! Harry got bumped down quite a bit when William and Kate’s kids were born. It’ll be interesting to see what Harry is like as a dad, after watching William all these years. Here are some ways we think he’ll be a different dad than his big brother.

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