President Obama Is Getting Mocked by His Teenage Daughter on Snapchat, Just Like a Normal Dad

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When your teenage child rolls their eyes at you and groans that you are soooooooo boring, take heart: This happens to literally everybody. You are not actually boring, you’re just the parent of a teenager, and all teenagers think their parents are boring. Even when the parents are the coolest people in the whole world, their kids are probably making fun of them on Snapchat.

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That apparently happened recently to President Obama, of all people. President Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, and he told Kimmel that he was at the dinner table, speaking deep thoughts about the role of social media in our lives. In a delicious turn of events, though, he was unaware that 15-year-old Sasha was secretly filming his social media speech, and she posted it to Snapchat with the subtitle: “This is my dad lecturing us on the meaning of social media.”

She followed that with a picture of herself cocking an eyebrow and looking bored.

No matter how cool you are, your kid is going to roll her eyes at you on social media.

Of course, everyone had a good sense of humor about it. President Obama seems to love the fact that while he was lecturing everyone on social media, he was being posted to social media. Michelle Obama and Malia thought it was hilarious and promptly shared Sasha’s post with their own Snapchat friends.

Sasha’s Snapchat account is secret, and earlier this summer President Obama commented that she was on Twitter, but nobody managed to find her account there either. It’s clearly for the best that nobody has been able to find her accounts, though purely for my own selfish reasons I wish I had been able to see it, because Sasha sounds hilarious.

Years ago Michelle Obama told Letterman that one of their daughters was very even-keeled and calm, while the other had a much different personality and was nicknamed “Grumpy Cat” or “the Salty Biscuit.” She wouldn’t say which was which, but Sasha’s the Salty Biscuit, isn’t she?


(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)