The 8 Snarkiest Christmas ‘I Hate My Parents’ Hashtag Jokes (Sort of NSFW)

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I hate my parents

For the last few years, in the days following the major holidays (at least here in the west where I live) we’ve seen tons of bratty kids bitching about how awful their parents are for giving them gifts that just weren’t up to snuff. You know, the ones that say “I hate my parents” or “Christmas is ruined.”  I’ll be honest, for as long as I’ve seen these tweets and posts, I’ve wondered just how legit they were. Were they really bratty teens, or sarcastic hilarity?

This year has taken away any doubt that the majority of the tweets under these hashtags are pure satirical awesomeness. It’s official, internet pranksters have taken over this hashtag, and the results? Let’s just say they will brighten even the biggest Scrooge‘s spirits. Behold, and be warned that at least one of these is totally (sorta) NSWF.


8. The bastards! 

I hate my parents

Everyone knows that Colgate is POOR people toothpaste! #Duh

7. Who needs an island?

I hate my parents

I mean, how is she even going to GET to this island? Why commercial? I think not!

6. Her parents are probably liberal scum.

I hate my parents

If even one kid in America goes without a flamethrower, the terrorists win!

5. What the eff is “cash”? 

I hate my parents


Ugh, do they even read his blog?

4. What a piece of garbage

I hate my parents

Wait…that ISN’T a Lambo?

3. Banjos are the worst. The WORST I tell you!

I hate my parents

What is this? Deliverance?

2. The nerve!

I hate my parents

If it’s less than a middle manager gets, it should be considered child abuse. Amirite?

1. Oh the (NSFW) humanity!

I hate my parentsI got nuthin….

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