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An Epic Love Story About A Pregnant Couple With Science Told With Stock Photos

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Rachel knew that it was up to her to stop the fires and return the fruit and eyeballs to normal sized so she hatched a plan to make things return to normal. She went to the beach where her and CMJ spent time together and made her hands into a triangle shape.



Suddenly a glowing pyramid appeared and Rachel knew it was working because no fruit or eyes are pyramid shaped in real life without the help of science!

Suddenly a rainbow appeared!



Rachel knew this was a sign things would return back to normal. Back at the lab, this was the case:



CMJ was no longer under the spell of science that caused him to work so late developing dangerous experiments that would cause fruit to grow and fires. Rachel quickly arrived at the lab and CMJ took her into his arms.

“I love you, let me explain why I was using science to try and make things bigger.”



‘I always knew I wanted to solve world hunger and that there are hungry people in the world. I got too caught up in my own power and then things started getting out of hand with the fire. The fire was a side effect of the science chemicals I used on the fruit. I also discovered that I could make many other things grow. I think if not for the fires I could have sold these giant wine bottles and made us a fortune so our unborn baby could attend a great college and get a great education.”



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