Jessica Simpson Invites People Mag To Her Baby Shower, Keenly Cites How Much Baby Weight She’s Gained

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pregnant Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson may be pregnant with her second child — a son — but that doesn’t mean she’s breaking from Weight Watchers-sponsored public weigh-ins. Hardly. In fact, she’s willing to invite a major tabloid to her baby shower specifically to do the baby weight talking points. You are the master promoter, Jessica. I bow to thee.

People magazine crashed — or from the looks of it — was invited to Jessica Simpson’s baby shower as she celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Ace. In addition to being super pumped about having a little boy, Jessica talked about all the “cute vintage cars” and “little leather jackets” she can’t wait to start using.

But her Tom Sawyer-themed baby shower, complete with a grilled cheese station, did include a very pointed moment in which to talk the ever cha-chingy topic of baby weight:

“I always love some fried chicken,” says Simpson, who has been working out three times a week with trainer Harley Pasternak. “This pregnancy I’m active. I’ve only gained half of what I gained in my first pregnancy.”

Touché with the trainer plug. I half expected her to also jump in with an additional PR script about how Weight Watchers has single-handedly helped her keep those fried chicken cravings in check. Can I offer you a Weight Watchers-sponsored grilled cheese?

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