I’ll Only Like Jessica Simpson’s Supposed Baby Name, Ace, If She Gives It To A Girl

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Jessica Simpson baby nameTabloids are reporting that they already know Jessica Simpson‘s chosen name for her surprise second baby. Sources say that Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson are having a little boy and they’re ready to name that little boy Ace. Personally, I’m hoping one of these rumor reports is wrong. I want the quirky couple to have a girl named Ace!

Think of how cute it would be for little Maxwell Drew to have a sister named Ace! The girls could start a wonderful new trend of completely co-opting even  the most masculine of names.

Or maybe, given the not-exactly-gender-conforming choice for their little girl, the couple could use a traditional girl name for their son. Where are all the male Ashleys and Lindsays? If they need something a little more current, what about Addison or Hailey for their little boy?

Listen, Maxwell and Ace sound adorable together. And even more than that, there’s only about a 20% chance of this tabloid story being accurate. (It was in Us Weekly. If it had been a Radar Online story, we would give it about a 5% chance of truth.) But given the huge splash that Simpson made with her first baby name, I just was really hoping for something a little more exciting. Maxwell Drew for a baby girl turned some heads! Ace is slightly more shrug-worthy.

So Jessica, if you’re reading this, you still have months to decide. Don’t settle on a name too soon. Pull out those baby books and start scanning. But stay creative! And remember, the gender-swapped names can go both ways. You can be the one to start the trend!

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