I’ll Only Like Jessica Simpson’s Supposed Baby Name, Ace, If She Gives It To A Girl

Jessica Simpson baby nameTabloids are reporting that they already know Jessica Simpson‘s chosen name for her surprise second baby. Sources say that Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson are having a little boy and they’re ready to name that little boy Ace. Personally, I’m hoping one of these rumor reports is wrong. I want the quirky couple to have a girl named Ace!

Think of how cute it would be for little Maxwell Drew to have a sister named Ace! The girls could start a wonderful new trend of completely co-opting even  the most masculine of names.

Or maybe, given the not-exactly-gender-conforming choice for their little girl, the couple could use a traditional girl name for their son. Where are all the male Ashleys and Lindsays? If they need something a little more current, what about Addison or Hailey for their little boy?

Listen, Maxwell and Ace sound adorable together. And even more than that, there’s only about a 20% chance of this tabloid story being accurate. (It was in Us Weekly. If it had been a Radar Online story, we would give it about a 5% chance of truth.) But given the huge splash that Simpson made with her first baby name, I just was really hoping for something a little more exciting. Maxwell Drew for a baby girl turned some heads! Ace is slightly more shrug-worthy.

So Jessica, if you’re reading this, you still have months to decide. Don’t settle on a name too soon. Pull out those baby books and start scanning. But stay creative! And remember, the gender-swapped names can go both ways. You can be the one to start the trend!

(Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock)

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