Chris Pratt Took a Photo With a Blonde Fan, and Anna Faris’ Reaction Was Priceless

Chris Pratt has one heck of a life. Not only does he have a cute baby and a wildly successful career right now–Who would have thought the unemployed boyfriend from Parks and Recreation would wind up starring in every summer blockbuster for the next 10 years?–but he’s also married to devastatingly funny and criminally underused actress Anna Faris. Now one Redditor found out the hard way that nobody puts Anna Faris in a corner, when she took a photo with Chris Pratt, and they both got upstaged by Anna Faris lurking in the background.

A Redditor going by H2Daniel posted a photo of his wife posting with Chris Pratt.

“My wife met Chris Pratt … Anna Faris didn’t approve,” he wrote.

Anna Faris Chris Pratt
Reddit / h2daniel

It’s a hilarious picture. Chris Pratt and H2Daniel’s wife are posing and smiling just like any basic “random person takes a photo with a celebrity” photo anybody has ever taken. But lurking quietly in the background, making a face like someone who is just not having it today, is Anna Faris.

Anna Faris grumpy face
Reddit / h2daniel

There’s really no telling what’s going on in this photo. Is Anna Faris actually annoyed for some reason? There are myriad reasons Anna Faris might actually be annoyed in real life. Maybe it’s having her evening interrupted, or having people come up to ask for photos with Chris Pratt and ignore her. Or maybe she’s miffed at the fact that the fan is wearing a DC shirt to take a photo with a Marvel star? It’s probably not that, but it could be anything.

But then again, Anna Faris is a brilliant comedic actress. She’s hilarious and fearless, and photobombing Chris Pratt and a fan with a super angry face seems like just the sort of thing she’d do for a gag, especially since it’s guaranteed to be all over the Internet in a few hours. (Also I need to use this moment to recommend¬†Smiley Face, which is the rarest of gems: A stoner comedy with a female lead. Anna Faris is off-the-walls bananas in it, and it’s hilarious.)

Is she actually angry, or is this a comedy photobomb to rival Bill Murray? We’ll never know the answer, but one thing is true: Anna Faris just totally upstaged Chris Pratt and this nice blonde lady. ¬†In the end, the victory is hers.

What’s your favorite Anna Faris movie? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Reddit / h2daniel)

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