Evan Rachel Wood Continues Her Admirable Celebrity Mom Privacy Crusade

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evan rachel woodShe hasn’t given birth yet, but pregnant Evan Rachel Wood might be our new favorite celebrity mom. This fiery mom-to-be has no problem putting the paparazzi in their place, and now she’s laying into the society that supports those blatantly intrusive and untrustworthy tabloid empires.

A few weeks ago, Wood was photographed by a paparazzo leaving the hospital with an ultrasound picture. And she kind a few choice words for the “sick fuck” who took photos of such a private moment. Now, Wood has taken to Twitter to expand her complaints, and remind people that they are complacent in this tabloid grossness.

“Fyi. No one knows the sex of our baby. No one. I am hearing rumors there will be reports of the sex but its truly based off nothing. Sorry.

“The fact that we live in a world which condones the stripping of basic human rights (dignity, privacy, etc) of people because of their status, is very sad to me. We should have higher standards for ourselves as people and a society. Especially when children are involved.”

“Please remember that before you pick up a tabloid. Don’t fuel the fire or promote the bullying and ridicule of your fellow man.”

I feel really good about the fact that Us Weekly continues to send me a free subscription that I’ve told them I don’t want and am not paying for. I’m losing them money. It makes me feel like I’m involved in Wood’s cause. Like I’m helping bring down the big ugly man.

Honestly though, we have so much respect for Evan for speaking up on behalf of private moms! Sure, there are parents who want their kids pictures plastered on a tabloid cover within a week of birth. But there are other celebrities who want their children to be out of the private, who don’t want to publicize every aspect of their pregnancy. These moms deserve our respect.

This celeb mom is completely correct about our complicity in the tabloid machine, by the way. Every time we visit the websites and buy the magazines and buy into the stories without thoughtfulness or logic, we tell the tabloids that their blatant lies and creepy stalker tactics are acceptable.

(Photo: Brian To/WENN)