Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood Rages Against ‘Sick’ Paparazzo Who Snapped Pictures Of Her Ultrasound

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Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood is expecting her first child with husband Jamie Bell. They’re newlyweds, first baby is on the way — joy all around. So leave it to the sleaze of the paparazzi to make the expectant mother feel like total crap.

Just this afternoon, Evan Rachel Wood tweeted that a “sick fuck paparazzi” snapped a picture of both she and her ultrasound as she was leaving the hospital. Those unfamiliar with this emerging staple in celebrity bump watch need only refer to Drew Barrymore and her sonogram. It’s been done. And “violation” doesn’t even begin to describe such a liberty by the rags.

Naturally, the 25-year-old took to Twitter to vent her frustrations:


At present, it appears that The Daily Mail — which ran the photographs — has removed them. (They have a soul!)

As obnoxious as Twitter temper tantrums can be, I find Evan Rachel Wood’s run down of “people have no hearts,” “would u like my soul too?”, “my child isn’t even born yet,” “that’s the inside of my body and my child,” to be a very refreshing and warranted response to the paps. Between Evan Rachel Wood’s sonogram, Drew Barrymore’s sonogram, and Beyonce including her sonogram in her upcoming documentary, who knows if celebrity ultrasounds will become the the new “it” cornerstone in (pre) celebrity bump watch. I certainly hope not.

So score one for privacy. Go Evan. #TeamWood.

(photo: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock)