The Real Grandmothers Of Orange County: Vicki’s Daughter Expecting Baby

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The real housewives of orange countyChildren definitely don’t stay children for long and reality TV is no exception. It may have been only yesterday that The Real Housewives franchise debuted with its Orange County season — or maybe more like 2006. But time does past, even in the Botox-brimming streets of Orange County, as Vicki Gunvalso‘s daughter Briana Wolfsmith is expecting a baby. 

I smell a spin-off!

The always trusty Us Weekly reports that after eloping with her husband Ryan Culberson in Las Vegas not too long ago, Briana is four months along:

Just like the elopement, the pregnancy “was definitely a surprise to Vicki,” the source says. “Briana is really happy, and now that Vicki knows, she’s really excited too.”

We’re reportedly looking at not just a grandchild for Vicki, but also an elaborate renewing of the vows ceremony for Briana and the hubby. The lavish event is apparently taking place in a next few weeks but you probably won’t miss a single detail, as everything from the napkin rings to the dress will most likely be prime fodder for maternal exploitation in an upcoming season.