In A Majorly Ignorant Diss To Stay-At-Home Dads, Real Housewives’ Yolanda Says No Man Could Juggle It All

Yolanda FosterThere’s a tad too much gender essentialism floating around parenting conversations in 2013 and you don’t even need to tune into sexist diaper ads to hear any of it. While some stay-at-home dads are trying to wake advertisers up to the fact that — yes — a man is capable of running a home without burning it down, others are still toting that tired Only A Mother Can Do It All logic. Like Yolanda Foster from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In a video exclusive with Us Weekly, Yolanda Foster appears to answer the dreaded “how I do it all” inquiry. Everything seems fairly standard — and scripted — until all of a sudden she takes a stab at the dudes:

“My days are crazy, like most moms in the world. My days are full every day, but I think that’s what makes us women so powerful: A guy could never [balance] that! We’re just able to juggle it all [as moms],” Foster — who helms a blended family of her own kids and Foster’s five — tells¬†Us.

Record scratch!

I believe my stay-at-home dads out there — as well as actively co-parenting dads who handle the scheduling, the doctor’s appointments, the groceries in addition to a job would beg to differ. As would I.

All these men aren’t capable, men aren’t trustworthy with the kids, men are bumbling idiots narratives aren’t empowering to women, mothers, or children because it’s just the flip side of the same ultra-sexist coin. As research is showing us, men are beyond capable of filling their schedules with all the demands of buzzy “work life balance” as more time has been expected of them in the home (which has tripled since 1965).

But to be fair, I guess some of us are still living in 1965.

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