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You Probably Don’t Need A Huge Parade When Your Kid Flushes The Toilet During Potty Training, Or Grown Men Dressed As Toilets

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Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 6.16.25 PMOn one hand, Pull-Ups diapers deciding to have this insanely over-the-top extravaganza for this kid Eli when he first flushes the toilet is fun and amusing, I mean, come on, there are grown men dressed as toilets! On the other hand it’s rather creepy and there are grown men dressed as toilets. And fire-breathers. And acrobats. And cheerleaders. And a hugeass toilet cake. When my kids first learned to flush I think I said “Good job” and maybe gave them a popsicle.
[youtube_iframe id=”jda-uZzIWOc”]
I think every parent makes a big deal out their kids potty training, using everything from reward stickers to toy store promises to clapping and praising and generally acting like their kid just discovered the cure for cancer, but the majority of us don’t include 10,000 pieces of confetti toilets in the celebration. We all suck as parents you guys.

Now if your own potty training toddler sees the sort of big whoop that Eli gets when he flushes your own kid is going to be so jealous. What will they get? An action figure? A cookie? I’m pretty sure they won’t get a giant parade balloon that looks like them. I’m all for getting kids excited about learning how to flush a toilet and all, and now that my kids are older I’m very proud that they are all excellent flushers, but when dealing with potty training, is flushing really that big of a deal? I would much rather celebrate not urinating on the floor or else washing their hands after using the bathroom. Actually, there are quite a few adults who could really use this lesson too. Maybe next time some company can hold a giant celebration for when they catch grownups washing their hands after using a public restroom. I’m looking at you lady with the Coach purse who left the public bathroom without washing at the mall this weekend.

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