Halloween Mommy Extraordinaire Heidi Klum Reveals This Year’s Costume Which Is Probably Better Than Yours

If you have neglected to peruse Heidi Klum‘s many decadent Halloween costumes over the years, you’ve been missing some major Halloween inspiration. The mother of four celebrates her “favorite holiday” not only with a huge bash every year in New York City but famously elaborate costumes. Forget the simple witch hat and tired cat ears. Heidi has more than trumped the standard lackadaisical mommy Halloween costume, spending previous years as Betty Boop, Hindi goddess Kali, and a dead body. And judging from this new behind the scenes video, she as quite the team to help her. So don’t feel too inadequate.

The cat’s out of the bag — or rather prancing all around the Internet — that Heidi will be going as Cleopatra this year. The semi-classic choice will hardly be your standard gold jersey in a pre-packaged Halloween costume, however. Heidi has employed an array of designers and artists who show her swatches of all glittery make and size, and even craft costume head pieces for her. Imagine what Halloween looks all of us could pull together if we had four children and an expert team on hand to fashion our every accessory choice. Some of us are only as crafty as our professional on-hand Halloween Team.

(photo:Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

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