New York Stores Are Letting People Order Plan B Delivery Through Seamless

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New York is a wonderful fantasy land where people can get whatever they want delivered whenever they want, and nobody needs to own a car. It’s pretty magical. While the most obvious examples of that beauty have been the ability to get a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with coffee, Diet Coke, and ibuprofen delivered to your apartment on a Sunday morning, some New Yorkers can even order Plan B emergency contraception for delivery.

According to The Cut, at least one bodega on the Lower East Side is selling Plan B on Seamless, New York’s favorite “get shit delivered” service. The Corner Grocery is charging $76.99 for the pill, which is usually around $50–though there’s a coupon on the Plan B website–so it’s a pretty big markup compared with actually putting on shoes and walking to the nearest Duane Reade. But if a person didn’t want to have to ask at the pharmacy, or just didn’t want to have to go out in the cold, Seamless would deliver it.

The grocery store told The Cut’s Gabriella Paiella that they’ve been offering Plan B delivery for about six months now, but there’s no mention as to whether it’s very popular.

Some people will surely balk at the idea of Plan B delivery–in high school my science teacher actually told us in class that Plan B was an abortion, despite the fact that Plan B actually works mainly by preventing the release of an egg from an ovary and is not an abortion pill. People get medicines and condoms delivered all the time, and this should be no different.

Plan B is available over the counter, unless you’re under 17, in which case you need a prescription. People 17 and older can just buy it over the counter.

New York is not alone in this, either. Jezebel’s Clover Hope reports that stores are offering Plan B through Seamless in Washington, D.C., and Houston, Texas, too.