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Photo Of Two Gay Dads Inspires Vitriolic Comments From Internet Homophobes

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Two gay dads hold baby for the first timeYesterday photographer Lindsay Foster posted a photo of two gay dads holding their newborn son for the first time. The photo, seen above, is beautiful and also includes the surrogate mother of the boy, and her husband. There were tons of supportive comments under the picture, but of course, since this is the Internet, it also inspired a level of vitriolic hate that makes me seriously question humanity. Reading these hateful comments made me want to take a shower in a vat of acid. Below are 15 of the worst. I would have included more, but I don’t have an entire week to sit and read them all and I think I might gouge my eyes out if I try.

15. Men can’t carry babies, therefore man can’t raise children?

men can't carry babies

I seriously don’t understand the logic behind this (not that logic is this type of person’s strong suit). Since men can’t carry a baby, they can’t raise a baby? I’ll make sure to tell that to the single dad that raised me.

14. Obvious troll is obvious

gay dads 7

Okay, so this guy is obviously a troll, but there were tons of similar comments. Who exactly is the “fuckwadd” here?

13. “If they didn’t want negative comments they shouldn’t post photos”

gay dads 8

So every person on social media should be content to accept hundreds of awful, hateful, occasionally threatening comments because they chose to use their account? Or is this just for gay folks? I bet if it were Sofie‘s photos being attacked, she would feel differently. Not only that, but these types of hateful comments are absolutely against Facebook’s TOS. What part of that don’t these bigots understand?

12. “It’s okay to hate what is wrong…”

gay dads 9

This kind of comment is especially rage-inducing for me. First of all, not everyone believes in your god, dude. I don’t, and who knows if this couple does or not. Second, you can hide it behind all the flowery language you want, but this is still hate-speech. “No matter how many people say what is wrong is right, it doesn’t make it right” indeed. Perhaps you should take your own advice and STFU? And please stop making rational, non-hateful Christians look bad, please?

11. The old Sodom and Gomorrah argument

gay dads 10

No, your god is not the boss of me or this couple, sorry to tell you Joe. I have the utmost respect for people’s religious beliefs, but when you try to cram them down my throat (or anyone else’s) I have every right to get pissed. And make no mistake, this IS hate. Not love.

10. “They gonna burn in hell”

gay dads 11

You’re gonna burn in “terrible punctuation” hell. So there.

9. “They chose to take it in the butt…”

gay dads 12

This would almost be funny if it wasn’t so fucking awful and stupid. Apparently gay parents can only raise gay children. And am I alone in being chilled to the bone reading “we need to get rid of the gays?” This sounds like a hate crime waiting to happen. Hate to break it to you, you ignorant piece of shit (she did say to call her what I want), but being gay isn’t a choice and your kids have as much a chance of being born that way as mine do. So go suck an egg.

8. “I wish people would just adopt…”

gay dads 13

Oh yes, because it’s SO easy for a gay couple of adopt a baby. Not like there’s any prejudice against them or anything…

7. I don’t even know what’s going on here…

gay dads 14

…but I know it’s stupid. What does homosexuality being a sin have to do with god creating women? Judging from their next sentence, they obviously know that gay women exist, right? I am so confused.

6. “They should keep it private”

gay dads 15

So, according to Mark‘s logic, every time a straight couple puts up baby photos or post-labor photos, they’re obviously making a point about straight rights and dominance, right? Yup, makes TOTAL sense.

5. Homophobe is apparently a slur now

gay dads wut

No, Taylor, calling someone a bigot is not the same thing as calling someone a racial or sexuality-related slur. I can call you some names, if you’d like though! How about idiot, moron, asshole, fucker, dumbass, and/or jerkface? NOW you get to be butthurt!

4. “To” males don’t make a baby

gay dads 1

I think it goes without saying that the more sciencey commenters annihilated this woman after she posted this, but I’m including it for it’s just so, so dumb.

3. Gays can’t make good parents…because of bigotry?

gay dads 2

Ugh. I actually think this guy was trying to be helpful, but he’s shitty at it. This clusterfuck of a run-on sentence is pretty difficult to decipher, so let me translate: “Gays can’t make good parents because society hates gays.” Well, society discriminates against Latinos too, so I guess I’ll go tell my Puerto Rican husband what a terrible father Dustin here thinks he is!

2. Where are their shirts! Think of the children!

gay dads 3

There were literally hundreds of similar comments, some that seemed genuinely curious and others who either subtly or blatantly insinuated that the dads were being perverts. Have none of these people heard of skin-to-skin contact for infants? I did this with all three of my babies, am I a pervert too?

1. “IVF is not for men”

gay dads 5

The logical leap that Shaylee makes here is some serious mental gymnastics. Apparently IVF is only for women (though where she thinks the other half of a kid’s DNA comes from is beyond me). The stupid, it burns.

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