10 People Who Had Vasectomy Babies

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shutterstock_141781447It is no secret that a vasectomy baby is my number one fear. My husband’s vasectomy has been good to go for over a year now, but I still have a bit of paranoia lurking in the back of my mind. Every time my cycle is a little off, or I feel queasy, or I am irrationally irritable, I’m like, GIVE ME THAT PREGNANCY TEST, GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

You’d think I’d be over it by now, but it is precisely because of these well-meaning vasectomy failure stories circulated in real life and on the Internet that I just can’t relax. My husband is a really nice guy, and he’s going to take yet another sperm test that we ordered off the magical Internet—so maybe I’ll finally relax when his swimmers are confirmed obliterated for the hundredth time.

A “vasectomy baby” doesn’t have a very nice ring to it. Unfortunately, everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who had a vasectomy fail. Birth control isn’t 100% effective, but normally, a vasectomy is your best bet. Just cross your fingers and your toes and your pubes that you aren’t one of the unlucky couples that falls in the slim failure margin.

You’ll feel even more disheartened when you hear these real-life stories of vasectomies gone wrong:

1. Vasectomy Baby Makes For A Full House.

Both myself and my partner have just found out we will be expecting our 5th child! yes 5th! September last year i gave birth to my daughter and a few weeks later hubby went in for a vasectomy for the obvious reason of wanting no more children, but unfortunatley 13 months later we are expecting again hubby now has to go back for further investigations as to why he is still producing sperm wether it was doctors mistake or he has extra tubes. We can not believe this has happened it was such a shock to us you think thats it no more for us then hello! baby number 5!

2. Vasectomy Baby After Three Boys.

This week I have discovered Im 6 weeks pregnant following my husbands vasectomy in January this year.  I was absolutely shocked to find myself even doing a test to start with, thought all these symptoms I was experiencing were in my head obviously thinking it was impossible for me to become pregnant. Needless to say I was rather upset and a bit hysterical when the test was positive as we have three kids and definately decided our family was big enough.  My husband was shocked too but looked after our other kids while I went to the hospital thinking false positive!!! The hospital confirmed another positive test at which point I could’nt comprehend how this could be happening, the doctor was great and offered me options but really my only option was to accept the universe had other plans for us and we will be having this baby, it was made with love without even knowing it and it will be loved.  A scan revealed a 6 week jellybean bouncing away in there and it all looked good.  So I have three boys hopefully this little surprise package will be a little girl!!!  Am still shocked and stunned – have been asked the ‘any possibility that some else is the father’ question by everyone in the medical world and the answer is NO.  So about to ride the wave of pregnancy for the next nine months and learn how to cope with FOUR children!!!!

3. Vasectomy And Tubal Ligation FAIL.

It can happen. I dated a guy whos mom had her tubes tied and his daddy had a vasectomy BEFORE he was born. If that can happen, I believe anything can. I would just go get a test to check. More than likely its just stress.

4. Vasectomy Baby Sadly Causes Depression.

My sweet baby girl just turned 1 a week ago. My husband got a vasectomy 6 weeks after she was born. We were very sure we were done having more kids. We are in the .6% who get pregnant even though he had a clear sperm sample at 3 months. I am so upset right now! I had moved on with my life and made plans for the future. I feel like I am so done with the little kids stage and being needed NON Stop. I love my children more than anything in the world, but I am not sure I can do it again. My fear is that I will resent this child and worry about being depressed. It isn’t just the selfish personal reasons, but even the cost of having another in daycare for 5 more years. Anyone gone through this? I feel horrible for hoping for a miscarriage. I am 6 weeks.

5. Vasectomy Didn’t Stand A Chance.

Hi all I am new to the bump site. I am a working professional mamma and found out baby #4 is on the way a week after we scheduled my hubby’s vasectomy. Our “baby” is 4 and we thought we were done with the baby stage.

6. Vasectomy Baby One Year Later.

My ex husband had a vasectomy and over a year later I got pregnant. It is possible, but there’s only one way to be sure that you’re pregnant or not and that’s to do a test. I hope things work out how you want them to. Good luck x

7. Rookie Mistake: Don’t Ever Skip The Follow-Up Sperm Analysis.

My husband’s sister.

We later found out that they were supposed to go in for a second appointment to check numbers or something (?), which we also later found out they had neglected to. I don’t know the details beyond that because my in-laws are all Catholic (except for this SIL’s husband) and this was a huge hush-hush family issue that we’re supposed to pretend never happened.

8. SEVERAL Vasectomy Fails In One Social Circle? There Must Be Something In The Water.

we know several couples who did. The word is that there is a six month window before the V “takes” whatever that means, so extra protection would be advisable for those 6 months, unless you want a little bundle of joy.

9. SMDH: Vasectomy Fail Not Once, But Twice.

My two youngest siblings were both conceived after my dad’s vasectomy. They joke about ‘the mailman’ but they look so much like the rest of us (we all take after my dad) that there’s really no doubting it. They should have told your DH when he had it done that it’s never 100%.

10. Pre-Vasectomy Baby Barely Made It Past The Gate.

I was in your shoes a few months ago when I found out I was pregnant. We were absolutely sure that we were done at 2 kids. DH was about to get a vasectomy and then BAM! Pregnant. i was in total shock. I wanted to sit on the couch all day and cry,

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