The Krim Family Are Expecting A Baby Boy After Horrific Tragedy Last Year

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Krim Family Pregnant With A Baby BoyIt was one of the worst cases involving a nanny that most of us have ever heard of and so many parents were grief-stricken and horrified along with Marina and Kevin Krim after their two young children were allegedly murdered by their family nanny. In the weeks and months following the deaths of their two young children, the Krims have started the Leo & Lulu fund and have spoken about finding hope along with their surviving daughter Nessie, age four, after this heartbreaking tragedy. Yesterday the family posted this on their Facebook page:

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I have no idea what it’s like to lose a child, and like so many other moms when I even contemplate the idea (usually when hearing about a family who has) I can’t even begin to imagine how parents go on with their lives and stay strong for their surviving children and deal with the grief that must come close to overwhelming their every thought. I admire the Krims so much, and I think they are just such a wonderful example of how parents can and do go on after the worst happens, and how they are preserving the memory of Leo and LuLu for their family and their young daughter. They have turned their own personal tragedy into a beacon of hope for everyone, and this news that they are expecting a new baby to be born in the fall fills my heart with joy. What happened to the Krim family is horrible and heartbreaking and tragic, and I hope they continue to heal and keep looking forward with hope for the future. The promise of a new baby to be born certainly must help with that.

The Leo & Lulu Fund supports participatory art and science education for young children in schools, museums, and other community institutions.

I am wishing the Krim family all the best in continued healing and congratulations on the announcement of their new baby.

(Image: The Leo & LuLu Fund)