Crappiest Prank Ever: Parent Chaperone Tricks Students Into Eating Moose Poop

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canoe tripA canoe trip is a pretty awesome class trip, if you ask me. That is, until a fully-grown chaperone tricks you into eating moose shit as the principal watches on. That’s precisely what happened recently in Manitoba, when two eight-grade students were given the poop but told they were chocolate-covered almonds. So they ate the stuff, only to be told moments later, “You just ate moose shit!” [Cue laughter here.]

I’d expect this sort of behavior from a group of 13-year-olds – that’s kind of par for the course – but this prank was pulled off by adults. And, hello, that’s just not cool. Teens have enough of a hard as is dealing with their peers and the usual crap; they really don’t need adults to add to the drama.

Understandably, the school now has a lot of angry parents on its hands. Karen Eyolfson, whose 13-year-old son was one of the students to bite into the droppings, is one of them. She has since pulled her kid from the school, saying the trust between staff and students has been broken. And while it was a parent chaperone that spearheaded the whole thing, she’s not impressed that the principal, a resource officer and her son’s teacher all watched it happen.

“Who is he going to go talk to? The counselor was in on the joke and so was the principal. They were the bullies, so who would he talk to in hopes that something would be done?” Eyolfson told CBC News.

According to Eyolfson, a 13-year-old girl was also tricked by the same adults into eating the poop. And it got stuck in her braces! (Really, how much worse can this get?) Needless to say, she was humiliated.

Scott Kwasnitza, school division superintendent, told CBC News that three staff members have been disciplined but refused to provide the details. But Eyolfson, along with some other parents, wants the principal transferred.

Personally, I’m pretty shocked by the incident. I’m into practical jokes and all, but this went way too far. These poor kids were humiliated in front of their classmates, and you’d expect someone to intervene (I mean, what wast he principal doing just standing idly by?).

Look, there’s way worse that can happen, but that doesn’t change the fact that these adults acted like bullies, and they should have known better. Not only are they setting a terrible example for these kids, they’ve also succeeded in humiliating two vulnerable children when they should have been doing just the opposite.