Fathom For A Moment Explaining To The Kids That Their Father Is Dating Mary Kate Olsen

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Mary Kate OlsenA lady by the name of Charlotte Sarkozy might very well have to. Given that her 42-year-old ex-husband and the father of her children, Olivier Sarkozy — half-brother to yes, that other Sarkozy — is dating 25-year-old Mary Kate Olsen. And although Charlotte has now been inducted into the time-honored club of mothers whose former spouses are off canoodling with fetuses, she reportedly isn’t too thrilled about what impact her ex’s choices will have on their kids.

The mother of two and children’s book author apparently split from Olivier a few years ago and finds the idea of her ex and Mary-Kate “grotesque.” Ageist it may very well be, but the mother is mainly concerned with Mary Kate’s hard-partying ways, according to one source. Shockingly, Mary Kate parties like a child star:

“Charlotte certainly won’t want her kids to be around Mary Kate, who has a history of wild-partying and booze binges.”

That and explaining a culturally irksome 17 year age difference should give the mother plenty to grapple with.

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