Open Thread: What Are You Drinking Tonight?

WOman-drinking-boozeToday is my last day at Mommyish (I shall live on forever on Twitter and Tumblr, see you there), which means I will be toasting my awesome team of writers (and you, dear commenters) with some booze tonight from the comforts of my crayon-covered couch. I was planning on canoodling with a bottle of red wine I acquired at my esteemed local wine shoppe, Costco, but if there’s a cocktail I MUST make instead please advise. Name your poison. And please fill me in on your drinking plans for this fine Friday eve, because it’s 5PM somewhere (ie: in my mouth) and we all deserve a drink.

Also dudes, before I go can we discuss The Fall? I am obsessed and it’s all I can think about. Jamie Dornan‘s murderous, sexy bod is slaughtering my dreams, and Gillian Anderson is my silk-shirted feminist queen. I never want this show to end. Cheers.


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