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Amazing Mom Competed on American Ninja Warrior Because It Was Her Late Son’s Favorite Show

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One of the worst tragedies in the world is losing your child. Whether you lost a pregnancy through miscarriage, lost a baby through SIDS, or lost your child through illness later in life, it is never, ever easy. And as bereaved parents, we often figure out a way to honor our children’s memory. Some create non-profit organizations. Others turn to writing and blogging about loss. Whether it’s through music, volunteering, or anything else, there’s no wrong way to grieve and honor our babies. Now, Sarah Poulin has competed on American Ninja Warrior because it was her late son’s favorite show.

Sarah Poulin is an accountant from Ellington, CT and a mother to two daughter, bereaved mother to one son.

Poulin’s little boy, Jacob, was sent home sick from school in March of 2016. Doctors soon discovered that the young boy had a brain tumor, and it went downhill from there. She lost Jacob to this rare form of brain cancer at the age of 5, just a year after he was diagnosed. That Poulin is doing much of anything at all these days, much less competing in an extremely physical, televised competition is beyond incredible.

Apparently, Poulin and Jacob used to watch American Ninja Warrior all the time. The bereaved mama says that her then 4-year-old son was “hooked” from day 1.

“He had been a monkey bar phenom since he was 3, but this opened his world up to obstacle courses,” she revealed in her episode of ANW, which aired last Monday night.

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When her son passed away last October, Poulin knew exactly how she wanted to honor his memory.

“I decided that he loved American Ninja Warrior so much but would never be able to get to do it. So I would do it for him. I decided that nothing was gonna stop me,” Poulin explained.

From there, this truly inspiring mom trained hard for months on end in order to be in the best shape for the competition. Her hard work and determination paid off, and she was soon offered a spot to compete. Poulin wore a heart locket with Jacob’s photo during her competition, and though she was unable to complete the course, she’s set on trying again.

“No, I didn’t hit a buzzer,” she told NBC. “Yes, I will hit one next year.”

On behalf of myself and other bereaved moms everywhere, I will be rooting for you, Sarah Poulin!

(Image: YouTube / American Ninja Warrior)