These Boring Parenting Confessions Make Us All Seem Like Heathens

Parenting is hard as hell and since we know that we are all constantly judged for the job that we’re doing, what’s a parent to do when they feel the need to vent? There is a new parenting confessional Tumblr that’s getting a lot of attention. It’s inspired by Julia Fierro’s soon to be released novel, “Cutting Teeth” – a book that “portrays the insecurities felt by parents and the desire to be perfect in that role.” I’m behind the site – I just have to say it made me feel like a heathen. I would openly admit to any of these.

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The website provides an anonymous space for parents to vent their frustrations, pitfalls and secrets. Fierro’s site, Parenting Confessional, is definitely not the first to provide such a space; Jill Smokler aka Scary Mommy has been giving parents a space on her website called “The Confessional” for years. It was one of the first places I found after I had my child and took an interest in parenting blogs. It was such a relief to see moms confessing their imperfections – like a breath of cyber fresh air.

Being connected to a constant stream of parenting coverage can make you crazy. As a mom blogger, my parenting pitfalls are public. I can tell you that it’s not always easy to share things about your parenting – even when you do it for a living. Yes I have a thick skin and yes I shrug most of the negative feedback off – but it’s not easy. I’ve never used one of these anonymous confessionals, but I can see how it would be cathartic. Where else can you share these things without fear of judgment? We’ve seen these social “confessions” before, but mostly in the form of unsuspecting targets that end up on STFU Parents. The difference is – most of those are simply overshare. The confessional blogs are more akin to parents saying, “I know this is probably not okay – I just want to get it off my chest.”

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I always loved this component of Scary Mommy’s site, and I’m behind this one, too. The only problem with it is – it makes me feel like a heathen. These are not even confession-worthy in my opinion. I would openly admit to all of these. Maybe I should visit the site – and make it a little more scandalous.

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