19 Offensive Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Even Kind of Funny

It’s almost Halloween, so you know what that means: time for offensive Halloween costumes! Every year, without fail, people manage to come up with the worst costumes imaginable. We get that Halloween is fun and gives everyone a chance to dress up, but do people need to be gross? Do they need to appropriate other cultures? Is it possible to dress up on Halloween without making light of a terrible event or person? We honestly don’t even know anymore. Here are 19 of the most offensive Halloween costumes we found. You tell us if you think they crossed a line.

Election-Themed Offensive Halloween Costumes


Lot to unpack here. Racist stereotype? Check! Stupid wall? Got it! “Witty” election sticker? Wouldn’t want to forget that! LOL we’re all laughing now, right?

Charming Indian


Every. Damn. Year. Native American culture isn’t a costume, people.

Reservation Royalty


“How can we make our Indian costume even MORE offensive? Let’s make it sexy!” FYI, tribal land living conditions in this country have been compared to third world countries. So funny, right?

Abortion Doctor


Oh, awesome, a costume making light of reproductive freedom, which remains under constant attack in this country. The wire hanger is a nice touch /sarcasm.

Anna Rexia


Honest question: would people laugh at someone dressed up as a cancer patient? Because anorexia is a disease, and it kills people. 

Ray Rice


Thankfully, this one was from a few years ago. But just think back to some of the athletes and celebrities who’ve been arrested for domestic violence this year. Dollars to donuts, someone will dress up at them.



No comment. None is necessary.

Sexual Organs


Ok, so this kind of costume can possibly be done right (not accounting for taste). However, this one is offensive in it’s badness. Why is it so white? JoAnn’s all out of flesh colored fabric?



Hurdurr, a drill on my penis, get it? Pretty sure any guy who wears this is going home alone on Halloween.

“Mexican Man”


Halloween: giving people an excuse to wear their racism since forever.

Tranny Granny


Just…what the actual hell? This isn’t even some idiot’s homemade costume, it’s one that was available for purchase.

Border Wall

We’re 99% certain that whoever wears this will have friends dressed as “Mexican Man”. Offensive group costume!

Bill Cosby


Well, you knew this was coming. Even so, we don’t want to see it.

Oscar Pistorius and “Woman”


Honestly, if we can’t laugh at intimate partner homicide, what’s the point even, right? We’re sure Oscar appreciates the humor from his prison cell.

Kim Kardashian Being Robbed

Take one person’s horrific personal experience (yes, celebrities are people too), add some accessories, and voila! You’ve got yourself an offensive Halloween costume!

Date Rapist

offensive halloween costumes
Image: Facebook/Offensive Halloween Costumes

“Take home, bring friends, enjoy show”. GTFO. 

We Don’t Even Know What to Call This One, TBH

offensive halloween costumes
Facebook/Offensive Halloween Costumes

Honest question: what the hell is that woman thinking? Like, what was the conversation around her agreeing to this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Child Abusing Clergy

offensive halloween costumes
Facebook/Offensive Halloween Costumes

Again, what goes through a person’s head? “Hmmmm, need a costume. I know! I’ll make a joke out of the horrific prevalence of child sexual abuse in the church!” No.

Michael Jackson

offensive halloween costumes
Facebook/Offensive Halloween Costumes

Of all the possible Michael Jackson costumes, this white dude went with this. Still not funny.

There is a right way to do Halloween, and there is a very wrong way. Don’t be one of these people!

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