Object Of My Affection: A Charming And Oh-So-Stylish Playhouse

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I want my kid to invite me over for a latte. This pretty much sums up my whole reason for having a kid – someone who will entertain me in my golden years. And I want him to learn early and well that his future house will be tastefully decorated – no beer bongs, ugly couches or tramps who aren’t good enough for my baby ruining the view! Which is why I feel that his first playhouse should set him on the proper path and be the stylish Villa Julia by Javier Mariscal for Magis Me Too.

A sweet little cardboard abode that’s just big enough for a baby barista and his favorite guest – moi! – it comes with customizable decals, lovely little flowers, polite smiley insects and an overall charming, oh-so-cobblestoned, European street feel. Sigh. Okay, it’s true. What I really want is for my son to be gay.